Augmented Reality

Dismantling of HoloLens to look at Microsoft black technology

Recently, the well-known foreign technological media are The Verge of HoloLens invited by Microsoft holographic visit reports the internal structure of the helmet, Microsoft also showed unreserved HoloLens within every part including the screws. Compared to virtual reality equipment, windows 10 pro product key, represented by HoloLens holographic helmet is considered closer to the future […]

Windows 10

Microsoft’s new round of promotion Win10: no prompt and automatically install!

Attention Microsoft Windows 10, is there for all to see, but be careful. According to the most recent feedback, is mandatory in the near future large-scale upgrades of Microsoft Windows 10, windows 10 activation key, during the upgrade of Windows 7/8.1 will produce no prompts. In fact, before there were reports, Microsoft will be in […]