Challenge Windows 10! Android 7.0 new features are handsome

Ever wonder, Android wants to be OS x and Windows 10 competitors? Maybe on the desktop side there are out of reach, but another set, such as hybrid Tablet (such as Pixel-c), we only consider the efficiency of Office, such as mail, notes, Facebook, Twitter, video presentations, Google Docs, etc.

Android 7.0 new features are handsome

According to foreign media reports, Android n official document refers to the “deformation” model, which means that application allows the user to adjust the window size.

Current preview release at Android n, mobile users can simply resize the window in a split-screen, and Google plans to extend it to larger-screen tablets, of course, more than 6 inches of the phone is also very suitable.

If Google in this field made them relative to Microsoft’s biggest advantage is good support for touch-screen when Windows 8 was defeated here.

Now, we have seen the Android x86 system (Remix), Android n will no doubt accelerate the process.

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