How to deactivate Windows 10 and change the product key.

Activation is a protection mechanism which is implemented in Windows 10 and earlier to combat piracy. First appeared in Windows XP activation and since there is with various changes and improvements in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Your copy of Windows is genuine only if successful activation. There are times when you want to deactivate windows 10 key sale your copy of Windows if you need 10 to transfer your license to another PC. Here’s how you can disable their copy of Windows 10.

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How to change windows 10 product key?

Activation confirms that your copy of Windows is not used on more devices than the license allows. If you decide to sell or donate your computer, but want to keep the installed Windows 10 saving activation, it is a good idea to decouple the licence from your old computer. This Disconnect will also be useful if you want to use the cheap windows 10 product key on another PC. In this article you will learn how to deactivate Windows 10 way to remove the product key. In addition, we will see how to install another product key. To disable Windows activation 10 way to remove the product key, follow these steps:

  • a command prompt with elevated privileges.
  • 2.Type or paste the following command:
  • 3. Wait until the team expects to complete its work.

You will see the following message: Windows activation 10 removed. To check, go to the options page \ Update and security \ activation is looking at the current state. When you deactivate Windows 10, you might be interested in cleaning up the windows 10 product key buy from the registry, so as you can see special applications or scripts.

Keep in mind that if you reach the limit of online activation, for example, buy cheap windows 10 product key activating the system on multiple computers with the same key, you can activate your copy of Windows by phone, as the online activation will fail. To install the new product key, type the following command at a command prompt as an administrator: slmgr-ipk XXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX where xxxx is the new product key.

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