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Dismantling of HoloLens to look at Microsoft black technology

Recently, the well-known foreign technological media are The Verge of HoloLens invited by Microsoft holographic visit reports the internal structure of the helmet, Microsoft also showed unreserved HoloLens within every part including the screws. Compared to virtual reality equipment, windows 10 pro product key, represented by HoloLens holographic helmet is considered closer to the future needs, but due to technical difficulties, so not many manufacturers are concentrated in this area at the present stage, Microsoft can say once again at the forefront of technology.

Microsoft HoloLens hands on review

Open the HoloLens, we find that this has become more than just a head-mounted display that simple, precisely, HoloLens is a computer that contains a holographic display technology. Different from the Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE Microsoft HoloLens doesn’t need additional high performance computers support, windows 10 product keys, but get rid of the shackles of cable, hologram itself can give users present in the environment, this is one Windows 10 computers capable of wearing it on his head. Microsoft has spent a few years in all its necessary optimization and upgrades, hardware continues to improve and upgrade its compared to the original prototype has been changed.

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Microsoft HoloLens | Official Site

HoloLens holographic lens lies in the combination of the most magical places, complex sensor array, and the need to address all of your gestures, movements, eye contact, windows 10 product key, voice processor and the surrounding environment. HoloLens and Google could easily be glass analogy, however HoloLens rendering has been completely out of Google glasses, you’ll feel much more immersive, even not sure if it is a virtual world or reality exists.

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