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Microsoft’s new round of promotion Win10: no prompt and automatically install!

Attention Microsoft Windows 10, is there for all to see, but be careful. According to the most recent feedback, is mandatory in the near future large-scale upgrades of Microsoft Windows 10, windows 10 activation key, during the upgrade of Windows 7/8.1 will produce no prompts.

In fact, before there were reports, Microsoft will be in a State of silence since downloaded Windows 10, Beta in order to let the user when you want to experience the new system, this process more convenient and efficient. The silent upgrade situation, results and optimistic. windows 10 pro product key, Netizens say Windows 7 computer without any indication of the circumstances became Windows 10, even his hard disk RAID array to mess up.

The Netizen said, this kind of thing would have happened earlier, directly in his father’s computer to crash. And this situation is not uncommon, wrote on Facebook friends also have said. Careful user prompts, this upgrade will be prompted, but only in brief update is ready, restart to start the installation, windows 10 genuine key, and reject button is hidden, do not automatically upgrade for a long time.

This is normal, as early as at the beginning of this year, Microsoft will improve Windows 10 upgrade patches to the recommended level, and it is checked by default, which is prone to accidentally through Windows Update patches feature, and then upgrade to Windows 10, computer crash, windows 10 home product key, and disk RAID array may occur. Considering patch just past four days this month, Microsoft will most likely change the upgrade policy, new round of large-scale promotion began. So if Windows 7/8.1 users don’t want to upgrade Windows 10, you’d be blocked KB3035583 for this patch.

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