Windows 10: How do I remove the password when you log on

If you are a user of Windows 10 and would like to remove the password, which you want to enter each time you turn on or restart your computer, then in this article, you will learn: how to disable it Windows 10 installation and log in automatically, revealing the desktop immediately, skipping the login screen of your operating system.

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The use of a password, if you are not the only user of PC (at work), or home, when access to the computer you want to close, for example, from children. However, if you are the only user, or you simply do not need to password protect your computer, the password you can easily disable and configure the Windows operating system to automatically download to the desktop.

As a rule, enter a password or PIN code from us only if we entered and we work in Windows under Microsoft account 10.

When you use the same local account, free windows 10 product key 2017 , use the password is not required.

Incidentally, many users synchronize Windows Microsoft Rogue 10 just to be able to download and install applications from the store Windows, buy windows 10 pro key, but you can do this by using the local record (read: how to install application for Windows 10 installation under a local account).

So, if you are using a local account, then login with password protection remains at your discretion and those who work with “ten” under Microsoft account authorization through password strictly required, windows 10 pro cd key, but there is a simple way to bypass the password requirements when entering.

Using a combination of keys “Win + R”, call the execute or open the Windows search (Start menu icon), and type the following without the quotes “netplwiz”, press “OK” or “execute command” (depending on the selected method).

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In the window that appears, remove the checkmark from the paragraph “users must enter a user name and password.

Clicking apply will appear this window (on the screenshot), where you will need windows 10 key price to double-click to enter your current password for logging on to Windows, and click OK.

That’s all, now when you turn on or restart your computer, you no longer have to enter a password, but there is one “but”. windows 10 home product key, When you log off your PC or laptop from sleep mode will still be required to enter a password. To remove a password in this case, open the operating system settings (looks like gears), hereinafter referred to as “accounts”.

In the section “login options, switch the value of the item” login required “with” Time you resume the computer from sleep to “never”

then enter the password will not be required and when my computer wakes from sleep.

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